Free Pogo TokensToday only, to celebrate Memorial Day, Pogo is giving away 2,000 free tokens when you load each of the following games:

Battleship Naval Combat

This token promotion is subject to the daily soft-reset — if you collect these tokens earlier in the day, be sure to come back to load the games after 8pm Eastern too for a little double-dipping and 4k more free tokens!

As usual, these free tokens (and many more) have been posted to BadgeHungry’s free tokens page as well. Look out for another set of free tokens on June 1st.


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Another set of Mix-n-Magic badges are available now. These three badges can be unlocked via the Mix-n-Magic card game, or if you prefer to wait, these badges will be released individually just like regular Mix-n-Match badges on August 31, 2015, according to Pogo’s Mix-n-Magic page.

Heads up for bargain hunters: the first card in the Mix-n-Magic game guarantees one of these three badges and only costs you 8 Gems. Get more information about how this feature works.

Share your thoughts on these badges and challenges in a comment below.

Bingo Luau – Good Guessing Badge
Correctly predict when the B1 ball will be called 16 times in 4 weeks!
Earn Good Guessing Badge, plus 4000 tokens.

Pinochle – Bang-Up Job Badge
Win your bid 40 times in 3 weeks!(Finish a game to check your progress)
Earn Bang-Up Job Badge, plus 3000 tokens.

Dice Derby – Hap-Hazard Badge
Win 7 laps without hitting any hazards in 2 weeks!
Earn Hap-Hazard Badge, plus 2000 tokens.


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This week’s Mix-n-Match badges are now available in Badge Central for 16 Gems each. These badges will retire on May 1, 2016. You may already own one or more of these already because they were previously available through the Mix-n-Magic game during the week of February 16th.

Hog Heaven Slots – Big Binge Badge
Collect 50 halos in 3 weeks!
Earn Big Binge Badge, plus 3000 tokens.

Mahjong Garden – Couples Only Badge
Complete 33 animals on Medium difficulty level using the ‘Animal’ puzzle set in 4 weeks!
Earn Couples Only Badge, plus 4000 tokens.

CLUE Secrets & Spies – Level Up Badge
Finish the bonus level 5 times in 2 weeks!
Earn Level Up Badge, plus 2000 tokens.

Help your fellow Pogo fans: share your tips & tricks for these badges in a comment below.


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Clue Secrets & Spies EP237: Quick Brown Fox – Quick Brown Fox Badge
Cost: 20 Gems Club Pogo/30 Gems

Please share your tips for this episode in a comment below. Thanks!

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Here’s a peek at the next weekly badges for this upcoming Wednesday, May 27th. What are your strategies going to be for earning these?

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
Dice City Roller – Top Seller Badge
Place 50 star dice this week!

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
Phlinx – Tossing Rocks Badge
Drop a group of 5 or more stones to the ground 160 times this week!

If you’ve got tips to share on how to earn either of these badges easier or faster, please use the comments below to discuss strategy. Also use the comments to share badges that would be good to double-up with these.

For more upcoming badges and strategy discussion in advance, check out the right sidebar under “Coming Soon” for all of the Pogo things headed our way soon, including upcoming weekly badges. For more tips on other Pogo games, check out our Pogo Game Help & Tips.


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Free Pogo TokensIn this week’s Sunday Token Social, Pogo is giving away 5,000 free tokens when you load each of the following games:

Everyone Wins Bingo
Mahjong Safari (Club Pogo Exclusive)

This token promotion is subject to the daily soft-reset — if you collect these tokens earlier in the day, be sure to come back to load the games after 8pm Eastern too for a little double-dipping and 10k more free tokens!

As usual, these free tokens (and many more) have been posted to BadgeHungry’s free tokens page as well.


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Pogo Mini: $100 in quarters later...Happy Weekend Everyone!

When I think back to why I joined Club Pogo, I can say with certainty that the idea of earning badges in slots games and bingo games is what hooked me in at the time, but my favorite games on the site for the past few years have been the solitaire games. Well, for a while I had very healthy Lottso and Dice City Roller addictions, but after I got those games out of my system I went right back to all solitaire all the time.

Have your favorite Pogo games changed over time or have they stayed the same?

Weekend open thread posts are open for comments every Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. You’re free to discuss anything Pogo-related, the discussion topic provided is just a guideline. This is also a perfect place to ask for help with badges, offer help, or chat about the Pogo topics that are important to you.

See you in the comments!

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Sherlock Holmes Episode Badge Sherlock Holmes Episode Badge
Sherlock Holmes – The Silver Blaze Part II – Episode 35 Badge
20 Gems Club Pogo / 30 Gems

Share your thoughts, tips, and hints for these episodes in a comment below.

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Weekly Pogo PlayoffsThe Weekly Pogo Playoffs have begun. Between now and Sunday evening at 7pm PST, play Poppit and earn over 1350 points to be entered. After the playoffs are over, three winners will be selected randomly. One will win 100,000 Pogo tokens, the second winner will win 50,000 tokens, and the third winner will get 25,000 tokens. Winners of this round will be posted to the Pogo News later in the week.

The winners of last week’s Pogo Playoffs have been announced! Congratulations to GiggyPlyr1, Ktyshe, and Tinmaddog5454!

Are you in? Can you share any tips for earning a chance to win in these playoffs? Let us know in a comment below.


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GiftHulk - get free Club Pogo memberships & free Pogo GemsAn easy way to help fund your Pogo fun is to get your Gems for free. A lot of us Pogo fans are doing it, and here’s how: we use a reward site called GiftHulk to earn virtual currency (Hulk Coins, or HC) that can then be traded for PayPal cash directly deposited into our PayPal accounts. Then, we use that PayPal balance to purchase Gems and/or Club Pogo subscriptions from Pogo’s web site.

There are lots of ways to earn Hulk Coins on GiftHulk, but if you work a few specific tasks into your daily routine, you can earn enough HC to cash in for a PayPal gift card pretty quickly. It’s up to you how much you do, but here are a few daily tasks that can add up:

Daily Check In

This is 5 free HC per day for just a few clicks. Go to the “Earn” menu at GiftHulk, select “Surveys”, then click the “Get Started” button, and then the “Check In” button. Boom, 5HC just for you.

Guess the Card Game

I recommend you go straight from the Daily Check In to the free Guess the Card game, found at GiftHulk under the “Win” menu. Select “Guess the Suit”, select a suit, and click “I’m feeling Lucky” until your chips run out. As you earn more HC across the site you’ll have more chips to play with each day. I’ve been doing GiftHulk a long time and so I have 60 chips to play with each day. I usually get anywhere from 10-15 wins on Guess the Suit and every other day or so there’s a joker (worth 100HC) and/or a Fountain of Youth code in there. When you get a FOY code from the Guess the Card game, use it for yourself first. And speaking of FOY codes…

Fountain of Youth Codes

You can toss your FOY codes into the Fountain of Youth from the “Win” menu at GiftHulk. In the Guess the Card game, players are awarded FOY codes that have 1 or more uses, but can only be used once per person. Sometimes players who receive a FOY code with 2 or more uses will share their extra codes with a friend or on one of several web sites. If you’re fast, you can collect a ton of HC by redeeming FOY codes found on the web.

There’s no need to post your extra codes here — there are oodles of sites out there for code sharing, but two good places to start collecting others’ extra FOY codes are a search on Twitter and “Posts to Page” on GiftHulk’s Facebook page. Trust me on this: with these methods, you’ve got to get them into the Fountain of Youth fast! Some codes last only seconds before they’re redeemed.

GiftHulk TV – Watch and Earn

This can be a little bit time consuming but it’s lucrative. You can earn 520HC a day this way. And you can multitask by playing the videos in one browser window while you are playing games in another. Check it out on the “Earn” menu at GiftHulk.


Engagements can be found at the bottom of the “Earn” menu at GiftHulk. It’s as simple as clicking the links on the left sidebar and waiting until you’re credited. This is also something you can multitask with by using multiple browser windows. You’ll earn 25HC per 10 engagements and there is no limit on how many of these you can do per day.


This isn’t an everyday thing, but if you are going to shop online, think about checking GiftHulk first to look for retailer before you shop. The main “Shopping” page that you reach from the “Earn” menu at GiftHulk is a little bit misleading, because there are way more retailers available than are initially shown. Mouse over “Browse Stores” to see categories, or use the “Find a Store” search.

If you also use Swagbucks to get free Gems, sometimes it’s a better return for your dollars spent. Here’s some math, assuming I’m going to do some shopping online today:

Gifthulk: 1HC = $0.001 PayPal Cash
$50 spent at Target at 20HC per dollar = 1000HC = $1 PayPal cash
$50 spent at Walmart at 16HC per dollar = 800HC = $0.80 PayPal cash

Swagbucks: 1SB = $0.01 PayPal Cash
$50 spent at Target at 1SB per dollar = 50SB = $0.50 PayPal cash
$50 spent at Walmart at 2SB per dollar = 100SB = $1 PayPal cash

So if you were shopping online today at Target, you should go through GiftHulk’s Shopping page first, but if you were shopping online at Walmart you’d want to go through Swagbucks’ Shop page instead.

Stick With It

As you can see there are a bunch of different ways to earn HC, but ultimately you’ll figure out what works for you. Check out all of the ways to get HC under the “Earn” menu at GiftHulk. I always tell people that earning towards these rewards is a marathon, not a sprint. Just work it into your daily routine and stick with it.

That’s all of my GiftHulk tips, what about those of you who are already earning Hulk Coins at GiftHulk to fund your Pogo fun, do you have any tips to share?


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