This week’s Mix-n-Match badges are now available in Badge Central for 16 Gems each. These badges will retire on March 1, 2016. You may already own one or more of these already because they were previously available through the Mix-n-Magic game during the week of December 22nd.

Everyone Wins Bingo – Aye Aye Cap’n Badge
Get 80 Bingos with I numbers only (I numbers are 16-30) in 4 weeks!
Earn Aye Aye Cap’n Badge, plus 4000 tokens.

Bejeweled 3 – Flamin Treasure Badge
Creat 80 Flame gems in 3 weeks! (Make sets of 4 gems to get them)
Earn Flamin Treasure Badge, plus 3000 tokens.

Pogo™ Addiction Solitaire – Scurvy Dogs Badge
Complete 80 rows in 2 weeks!
Earn Scurvy Dogs badge, plus 2000 tokens.

Help your fellow Pogo fans: share your tips & tricks for these badges in a comment below.


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Another set of Mix-n-Magic badges are available now. These three badges can be unlocked via the Mix-n-Magic card game, or if you prefer to wait, these badges will be released individually just like regular Mix-n-Match badges on July 6, 2015, according to Pogo’s Mix-n-Magic page.

Heads up for bargain hunters: the first card in the Mix-n-Magic game guarantees one of these three badges and only costs you 8 Gems. Get more information about how this feature works.

Share your thoughts on these badges and challenges in a comment below.

Letters from Nowhere – Poatsge Due Badge
Complete 20 levels without using a hint in 3 weeks!
Earn Poatsge Due Badge, plus 3000 tokens.

Golf Solitaire – Play Through Badge
Clear 16 holes in 4 weeks! (Remove all the cards from the playing field to clear a hole)
Earn Play Through Badge, plus 4000 tokens.

Word Search Daily – Backwards Words Badge
Find 60 horizontal words buried backwards without using Hint in 2 weeks!
Earn Backwards Words Badge, plus 2000 tokens.


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Clue Secrets & Spies EP228: Slash and Burn – Slash and Burn Badge
Cost: 20 Gems Club Pogo/30 Gems

Please share your tips for this episode in a comment below. Thanks!


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Here’s a peek at the next weekly badges for this upcoming Wednesday, April 1st. What are your strategies going to be for earning these?

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
Lottso! Express – Free Refills Badge
Reach the third goal 25 times this week!

Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge Pogo Weekly Challenge Badge
TRIVIAL PURSUIT Daily 20 – Qwizard Badge
Win 15 random quizzes this week!

If you’ve got tips to share on how to earn either of these badges easier or faster, please use the comments below to discuss strategy. Also use the comments to share badges that would be good to double-up with these.

For more upcoming badges and strategy discussion in advance, check out the right sidebar under “Coming Soon” for all of the Pogo things headed our way soon, including upcoming weekly badges. For more tips on other Pogo games, check out our Pogo Game Help & Tips.


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Free Pogo TokensIn this week’s Sunday Token Social, Pogo is giving away 5,000 free tokens when you load each of the following games:

Golf Solitaire
Boardwalk Sea Ball (Club Pogo Exclusive)

This token promotion is subject to the daily soft-reset — if you collect these tokens earlier in the day, be sure to come back to load the games after 8pm Eastern too for a little double-dipping and 10k more free tokens!

As usual, these free tokens (and many more) have been posted to BadgeHungry’s free tokens page as well.


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Weekend Open Thread

March 27, 2015 · 114 comments

Pogo Mini: I'm Swimming!Happy Weekend Everyone!

This past week, I updated Pogo Token Secrets for 2015 and migrated from the old e-commerce platform to a new one. If you purchased after March 15th, 2015 you’re all set with the updated version on the new platform. Those of you who purchased it on or before March 15th should have received an email (actually, two) from me with details on how to download the update from the new platform. The whole download process for both updates and first-time buyers is so much smoother now, and it’s one of the main reasons I switched platforms. Hooray!

Let’s keep talking about tokens and do this topic question again:

How many Pogo tokens do you have?

The weekend open thread is a regular feature at BadgeHungry. Every weekend, we chat about the discussion topic, or anything else Pogo-related. It’s a great place to test the waters of commenting and introduce yourself, ask for help with a badge, or talk about Pogo with friends.

See you in the comments!

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Weekly Pogo PlayoffsThe fifth week of the Weekly Pogo Playoffs has begun. Between now and Sunday evening at 7pm PST, play First Class Solitaire and earn over 120 points to be entered. According to the Pogo News, three winners will be selected randomly. One will win 100,000 Pogo tokens, the second winner will win 50,000 tokens, and the third winner will get 25,000 tokens. Winners of this round will be posted to the Pogo News later in the week.

The winners of week 4′s Pogo Playoffs have been announced! Congratulations to murfizoid, HomemLouco, and peremesd!

Are you in? Do you have any tips for anyone playing First Class Solitaire to earn over 120 points for the playoffs? Share your hints in a comment below.


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Sherlock Holmes Episode 33 Sherlock Holmes Episode 33
Sherlock Holmes – The Speckled Band Part III – Episode 33 Badge
20 Gems Club Pogo / 30 Gems

Share your thoughts, tips, and hints for these episodes in a comment below.


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EA Game CardPogo doesn’t currently have a way for players to gift Gems directly to a friend’s account, but there is a way to gift Gems to your friends with EA Cards. Since the redemption PIN codes on the back of EA Cards are easily transferable, you can gift them to friends. And even better: Walmart now sells EA Cards online with email delivery.

To gift Gems to a friend, first buy an EA Card at Two things to note here: this is a digital purchase so you will not receive a physical card and EA Card PIN codes can only be redeemed by players residing in the United States.

When your purchase is complete, you will receive two emails. The first one will just be an order confirmation email from Walmart that arrives within a few minutes of placing your order. The second — which may take up to 24 hours to arrive — will have the subject line “ – Here is your order information” and it will come from This second email will give you the EA Card redemption PIN code and instructions. For what it’s worth my email took 3 hours and 8 minutes to arrive.

EA Card gift email from WalmartAt this point, you have three choices for gifting: forward the email to your recipient (it contains everything they’d need to redeem it), send the PIN code and instructions to your recipient via Pogo mail, or use online gifting from the Walmart Digital Delivery Center. You might want to bookmark this post just for this link, because a link to the Digital Delivery Center doesn’t come with any of the emails after purchase.

A benefit to using the Digital Delivery Center is that once you’ve found your order (with your order number from your confirmation email, your email address, and your zip code) you can click the “Send Gift” button to have the PIN code sent specifically as a gift to their email. When I sent a gift to myself (aww, you shouldn’t have!), it arrived in 2 minutes and I received an email to my order’s address when it was opened. You can also set a delivery date and include a special message for them. And, since you specify the “From”, you can put any name you want — this would be great for a secret admirer or Secret Santa; there are some great possibilities here!

No matter which way you gift after you buy an EA card online, your friend can then redeem the code at Pogo’s EA Card Redemption page for 275 Gems or 3 months of Club Pogo. What a nice gift!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, BadgeHungry will receive compensation for your referral.

Thanks to Mrs. Mike Brown and Storm for their help with this post!


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BadgeHungry: 10,000 Posts!I’d like to take a moment out of our busy day to commemorate that this is BadgeHungry’s 10,000th post! It’s been so much fun sharing my Pogo knowledge with you and learning from you guys as well. This site has been life-changing for me and a lot has changed here at the site since the first post in August of 2007. I can’t wait to see how it grows as we move into the future with the next 10,000 posts!

BadgeHungry wouldn’t have made it nearly this far without help. To those of you who visit and those of you who have also shared your time, tips, comments, stories, typo-corrections, love, and support:

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of all of this.

With Love, Lura


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