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April 17, 2015 · 52 comments

Pogo Mini: Cookout SeasonHappy Weekend Everyone!

For this weekend’s topic, Astrocatty writes: “I have an idea for the weekend thread question. If you could pick a room (chat) name for your favorite games, what would it be? I would add a chat room titled ‘It’s my birthday’.”

If you could name a chat room in your favorite Pogo games, what would it be?

Also, as always, please feel free to use the comments here to discuss anything Pogo-related that didn’t quite fit in anywhere else this week.

See you in the comments!


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Take a look at the upcoming Father’s Day 2015 Limited Edition Mix-n-Match badge. This badge will be released around the end of May or early June at the usual Limited Edition cost of 30 Gems. Check it out:

2015 Father's Day Limited Edition Badge
2015 Father’s Day Limited Edition Badge

Share your thoughts on this badge in a comment below.


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Today only, get 25% off Letters From Nowhere episodesToday only, get 25% off Letters From Nowhere episodes. To take advantage of this sale, load Letters from Nowhere and view the episodes in the Series 1 and Series 2 tabs, scrolling to select the episode(s) you want. Sale prices are already marked down, no coupon code is needed.

Did you pick up some episodes in this sale? Share your thoughts in a comment below.


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Weekly Pogo PlayoffsThe Weekly Pogo Playoffs have begun. Between now and Sunday evening at 7pm PST, play Phlinx and earn over 180 points to be entered. After the playoffs are over, three winners will be selected randomly. One will win 100,000 Pogo tokens, the second winner will win 50,000 tokens, and the third winner will get 25,000 tokens. Winners of this round will be posted to the Pogo News later in the week.

The winners of last week’s Pogo Playoffs have been announced! Congratulations to jedclammer, Clueless0500, and becndec3!

Are you in? Do you have any tips for anyone playing Phlinx to earn over 180 points for the playoffs? Share your hints in a comment below.


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I have to admit I’ve been on a huge slots kick lately. The new Pogo Parlor games are eating all of my Coins and making me wait four hours for refills, so during those hours I’ve started playing a little bit more with Big Fish Casino online. In addition to tons of slot machines, Big Fish Casino also offers other casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and a word poker game called Word Ace. But really, given my recent slots habit and the fact that my gaming style is best described as “The Collector”, I’ve been only playing their slots games with the aim to collect lots of chips to bet with. I’ve set my first goal at 1M chips and at that point I’m going to bet max in some of the slots that have room-wide bonuses so I can be the one awarding the highest amount of chips to everyone in the room. (You’re welcome!) I’m also going to use them to play in one of the Slot Tournaments there. The winner of the last tournament I checked out got 4.83M chips and one of these days, that’s going to be me!

Quick Chip Tips for Beginners

  • New players get 100K chips to start.
  • Open the Big Fish Casino every day to get a free daily spin. Its payout can be as high as 100K chips.
  • Collect your free chips every 30 minutes.
  • If you decide to purchase chips, choose your package based on what VIP Rewards level you can reach. The higher your VIP Rewards tier, you’ll get a higher amount of free chips every 30 minutes, your future chips purchases will be multiplied, and you’ll get a monthly VIP bonus of chips as well.
  • Play one of the games with a room-wide or shared bonus. (See below.)
  • When you enter any of the slots games, always check your bet amount to make sure you’re not betting more than you want to. Please learn from my mistakes (my many, many chips worth of mistakes)!

Room-wide Bonus for Extra Chips

Secret Grove Slots at Big Fish Casino - Scatter bonusTry the new Secret Grove slots game. Make sure you play in a full room and whenever someone gets a scatter, everyone in the room gets whatever their total bet amount was. It’s great if you’re playing in a room full of high rollers! As a new player trying to build their stash, these extra chips come in handy. Hidden Forest slots, which has a higher minimum bet, also has the same scatter reward system but the payout can be higher because the bets in the room can be higher. If your chip purse can sustain it in either of these games, consider betting the minimum and auto-spinning. If you’re not auto-spinning, you will need to spin about every minute to avoid getting removed for inactivity. Spinning once a minute is the best way to take advantage of the room-wide bonus without having to constantly bet risk your chips, but watching the clock that much might start to feel like work after a while!

Shared Bonus for More Chips

Tails of the Snow Fox - 7K Chips shared bonusTails of the Snow Fox slots is another fun game to earn some extra chips in. It’s got a bonus shared among qualifying players who have lit the Northern Lights. When all of the Northern Lights appear, qualifying players get a big chip bonus. Sweet Stacks slots is another game with a shared bonus, and its bets are lower, but for some reason I always have a ton of connection issues with it (the reels just spin and spin and spin, but I haven’t experienced this with any other Big Fish Casino game). For these shared bonus slots games, I just auto-spin until I am qualified for the shared bonus and then slow down my spins until the payout comes in.

Share Your Strategy

What is your strategy when you play slots but don’t yet have a huge purse built up to bet with? Do you bet the minimum on max lines or adjust the bet a little higher? Do you earn the chips from other players in table games and then use them at the slots? Whatever your strategy, try it out at Big Fish Casino and let me know how it goes in a comment below.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, BadgeHungry will receive compensation for your referral.


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Sad Spike. :(The Google Chrome Browser (version 42.xx and above) no longer directly supports the Java platform. Pogo has been slowly converting games from Java to Flash for a while now, but unfortunately for us Pogo players, there are still more than a handful of Pogo’s games using Java technology. The Java games are shown on this games list — they’re the ones without the Flash game (Flash icon) next to them.

To play a Java game on Pogo, you’ll need to use a different web browser: Firefox or Internet Explorer.

There is a temporary fix to enable Java in the Chrome browser, but it will only work until Chrome removes the workaround, currently estimated to be September 2015 or earlier. Details of the workaround can be found at the EA Help site, but Pogo highly recommends you just use one of the alternate browsers for their games.


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Here’s a look at an upcoming Super Badge. We usually get a Super badge around the middle of June, so this could be earned alongside the weekly challenges for the weeks of June 17th and June 24th.

Summer 2015 Super Badge

This will probably be one of the typical Super Badges released alongside the weekly challenges with the requirement of completing 5 challenge badges in 2 weeks. Of course, no matter what the requirement, Super Badges are animated and free.


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Mini Mall: Hobbies

April 16, 2015 · 14 comments

Pogo Mini: Old School PCToday’s Mini Mall release is all about hobbies. There are about 3 pages of new and re-released items. Be sure to check out the re-released Steampunk items which were very popular when they were first released in October of 2011. The items released and re-released today go into the vault on Saturday, May 16, 2015.

Cooking, Sewing, Painting, and more – if you’ve got a hobby, we’ve got it covered in the Mini Mall!

Share your thoughts on this release in a comment below.


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Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday at Pogo.comToday is Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday. Get 3,000 free tokens for playing each of the three featured games. Play all three for a total of 9,000 tokens!

Today’s games are:

Big City Adventure
Sweet Tooth 2

If you receive these free Thursday tokens before 5pm PST, try again after: you might just receive them twice.

We’ll remind you again on the next Triple Bonus Tokens day. In the meantime, check out our Free Tokens page for more of these great Pogo-sponsored free token offers!


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Big City Adventure - Rome Episode Badge Big City Adventure - Rome Episode Badge
Big City Adventure Rome Day 2 – Entertain Me
Cost: 20 Gems Club Pogo / 30 Gems Pogo.com

Please share your tips and hints for this episode in a comment below. Thanks!


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